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Sukhi Dhaliwal Riarh
sukhiSukhi Dhaliwal may be young but in a short period of time she has quickly established a reputation for flawless makeup application. She is a consummate professional whose attention to detail has enabled her to work with many people, while building a clientele of high profile professionals. Sukhi has always had a natural sense of style and diverse creative ability. Discovering her passion for makeup at the very young age of 10, her passion and devotion for makeup and hair has only intensified throughout the years. As far back as Sukhi can remember she has been doing hair and make up for all the women in her family. During family occasions women insisting they get their hair and makeup done by her would constantly bombard her. From getting her friends ready for spirit days at school, to utilizing her skills on family members, Sukhi has done it all. Her dedication finally paid off the day she graduated from Surrey College as a Certified Makeup Artist making her dream turn into reality. Her work has appeared in various fashion shows, photo shoots and magazines. Sukhi has collaborated with fashion designers to create makeup looks and has led teams of artists for their runway shows. Sukhi’s makeup abilities have further made their way to the red carpet, where she has prepared models for events including: the Darpan Magazine Red Carpet Event, Grand Wedding Show, Love, Ishq, Pyaar Wedding Show and many more. Her love and passion for the art of makeup has allowed Sukhi the courage to venture out and establishing Studio Élan.

Some may wonder what Studio Élan stands for and what it means to Sukhi. Élan means stylish eloquence. This is something Sukhi sees in all women out there. Her job is not only to make you feel beautiful on the outside but rather on the inside as well. Sukhi has utilized and employed her artistic abilities to help others look glamorous on their special occasions. This job has been very rewarding to Sukhi in the sense of being able to be a part of many of her Bridal clients’ special days and being given the opportunity and satisfaction of knowing that they want you to be alongside them on their most memorable days. This is truly touching! So give Studio Élan and Sukhi Dhaliwal the opportunity to bring out the true beauty in you! Call now for more information.
Preeti Ahuja
Preeti Ahuja is an experienced hair and makeup professional with Studio Élan, and expertly creates the look that you would like for any special occasion. She brings forth her professionalism, creativity and dedication to cater to your needs and is truly an exceptional artist. Preeti comes from a background of working as an aesthetician and brings with her not only her soft touch but also her knowledge of different skin types to ensure the most optimal experience for you. Preeti can begin catering to your beauty needs well before the event with the aesthetic services offered by Studio Élan. Studio Élan offers a wide variety of facials, waxing, threading, manicures, pedicures and full sets using amazing products that will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
Simi Harry
Ever since Sim was a young girl she has had a passion for fashion and styling. She was constantly practicing hairstyle’s and makeup looks, experimenting to see what creative looks she could accomplish. She felt privileged when in her young teen years, family and friends started to come to her for her expertise on their hair styles, makeup looks, and styling tips for both Indian and western looks. Sim has been working in the beauty industry since 2008, when she graduated with her diploma in hair and makeup art from world renowned, Blanche Macdonald Centre. Today, Sim is a professional hair and makeup artist, specializing in special events, fashion shows and editorials.

Joyti Grewal
Joyti is an artist with great passion. She can create any look you want from traditional to modern. Joyti has an eye for perfection and will help you achieve your ideal look. She is always very motivated to learn and constantly and is constantly updating her skills. Joyti specializes in styling hair as well as makeup application.
Pav Sidhu
Pav Sidhu is a talented and ambitious makeup artist and hairstylist whose skills, creativity, and passion are consistently reflected in the looks she creates for her clients. After graduating from Blanche Macdonald’s world renowned hair and makeup programs, Pav began her career as a freelance artist. Upon entering the industry, Pav’s love for hair and makeup was immediately reaffirmed and she quickly began honing her skills, always striving to provide premium service to her clients. As a member of the Studio Elan family, Pav’s skills, dedication, and detail-oriented nature enable her to cater to our client’s unique needs, bringing to life the flawless looks they have envisioned. Pav specializes in hair coloring, styling, and cutting, as well as makeup application.

Jenny has always had a passion for the digital realm and was always considered tech savvy. With a Bachelors Degree in Business & Human Resources, her background has allowed her to develop skills in optimizing digital marketing strategies to capture the client’s attention. Her role has been to engage clients through social media by continually updating platforms with Studio Elan’s work and tutorials, and managing the overall marketing campaign.